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Sound therapy for stress

Living with stress affects health, relationships and enjoyment of life. Find out how Sound Therapy can bring quick and lasting relief that makes a difference.

How to overcome anxiety and stress? Sound therapy (or sound bath) has the great power to make us enter a state of deep relaxation in a simple way. In this way it activates our parasympathetic nervous system which transforms the negative effects caused by stress, triggering natural mechanisms of self-healing and making us find our physical and mental balance.

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What is stress?

Stress is what happens when fear or anxiety becomes a constant state. Physiological effects include contracted muscles, increased heart rate and restricted breathing. The adrenal system is overloaded and blood pressure rises. Stress interferes with the body’s natural flow of energy. It reduces our available energy and forces us to function in a constant state of”fight or flight”.

The fight or flight reaction is triggered by the rush of daily life that constantly immerses us in sudden noises and stimuli: the heart pumps faster, blood pressure rises and the body releases stress hormones including adrenaline and cortisol.

However, the continuous and predictable noise from electronic systems such as air conditioners, household appliance noise also adds to our overall stress levels.

Recent research into how our nervous system works also shows that under excessive or prolonged stress, a process called “vagal braking” kicks in, meaning that our primitive responses kick in, resulting in shutting down. This process affects many of our automatic functions such as breathing, heart rate and digestion and will have long-term health effects. 

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Sound therapy and chronic stress

The sound has a very high healing power, as it was already known in ancient civilizations all over the world, even more when it takes the form of “song”, because it is guided by the consciousness and intention of the operator.
 Physics teaches us that sound propagates faster in water than in air and so does the human body, being composed of about 70% water, it proves to be an excellent conductor of sound.
Furthermore, the human organism, like the entire universe, naturally vibrates at specific frequencies; the disease manifests itself when the balance and the vibrational harmony between its parts are lost: body, mind and spirit.

Sound therapy for stress is the application of specific sound-vibrational frequencies on the recipient with the aim to create a state of harmony and well-being in the different energy systems of the person and rebalance the physical body. In this case the frequencies are emitted by instruments such as Tibetan bells, Gong, oceanic amburi Ts, Koshi and through the singing of the operator.
The “natural” singing makes the body vibrate and calms the nervous system of both the listener and the singer, revitalizing the internal organs, reviving the entire endocrine glandular system and amplifying and optimizing the human electromagnetic field.

In 2016, the Journal of Evidence-Based Integrative Medicine published the article “Effects of Singing Bowl Sound Meditation on Mood, Tension, and Well-being: An Observational Study” concerning the effects of sound therapy with Tibetan bells on anxiety, pain and spiritual well-being. 

You can read the full study HERE: 

sound therapy and chronic stress

This and other scientific researches have recently demonstrated how sound therapy is an excellent and simple means of canceling the effect of stress. Regular listening to Sound Therapy reduces stress and helps return the body to a state of homeostasis.

Some common effects of sound therapy in reducing stress:

  • Some common effects of sound therapy in stress reduction:
  • Improve concentration
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Reduces mental chatter
  • It improves inner calm and the release of positive emotions
  • Increases oxygen in cells Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Lowers blood pressure and heart rate
  • Increases lymphatic circulation
  • Increases melatonin levels
  • Reduces levels of stress-related hormones
  • Releases endorphins, self-produced opiates that act as natural painkillers 

If you want to know more about the effects of Sound Therapy, I invite you to consult this link

Some traditional tools commonly used in Sound Therapy sessions are:
Tibetan bells, composed of 7 precious metals, which vibrate at particular frequency, are useful for restoring harmony in the person’s disturbed frequencies. The melodic-vibrational passage takes place by contact, rubbing or percussion of the bell during the sound massage. The positive effects of both treatments are found on a physical level (bone and joint pain, blockages and contractures) but also on an emotional, mental and spiritual level of the person

Crystal bells:

Quartz crystal bowls (or crystal bowls) are based on the age-old tradition of metal bowls from Tibet, India, China, Japan (and other East), who use sound for meditation and healing. 

Precisely because of their enormous therapeutic and resonant power, they began to be used at the end of the 80s. The internal spiral structure and rounded shape produce a non-linear but multi-directional sound. Quartz crystals can vibrate or oscillate in a regular manner and have an internal spiral molecular structure very similar to DNA. This means that quartz bells are very similar to us and have unique sound properties. They produce a pure sine wave and create a multi-directional sound that expands up to a kilometer away and can last for several minutes before shutting down. They produce important discoveries in the physical and energetic body and for this reason they are used as an important therapeutic tool.

Il Gong:

Gong is the oldest, oldest and most resounding tool known, which shamans used 4000 years ago for its amazing transformative power. Its sound never leaves you indifferent, it touches deep chords as it produces a very wide range of harmonic and harmonic sounds (fundamental sound from which other higher sounds which are in harmonic relation to each other) with a sound that lasts for a long time, spreading the whole environment, modifying its vibration. Listening to it is a unique opportunity to rebalance the energies that make up our whole person because we too, like the entire universe, are made of vibrations. 

The master who conceived, spread and experimented throughout the world the practice of Gong Baths or Gong Therapy is called Don Conreaux, he is American and is considered the most famous contemporary Gong Master and Kriya Yoga expert. In turn, Conreaux was initiated by Yogi Bhajan, the Indian master who brought the meditative practices of Kundalini Yoga to the Western world in the 1970s, the prerogative of Indian Sikhs alone for centuries.

The Gong Bath Harmonious, is a method to rediscover harmony and take care of the body, mind and soul because its sound can enter every small cell, stimulating it to find the right balance . harmony with the rest of the body.

Mindfulness meditation techniques and sound therapy for stress

mindfulness meditation is the practice of paying attention without judgment to one’s experience in the present moment, unconditionally accepting it for what it is. 

This constantly practiced technique trains our mind to no longer attach or oppose thoughts, emotions, sensations and external stimuli, but to observe them as an impartial witness, therefore not to identify with them but to grasp their transitory nature. 

If you are interested in learning more about mindfulness meditation for stress management I will talk about it in depth here 

This technique is very important for personal growth but not only that, combined with the Sound Therapy for Stress techniques listed above, it leads the person to a state of deep relaxation and homeostasis. The particularity of the instruments used in the Gong Baths or Sound Baths in groups and in the individual sessions of Sound Therapy is that they produce a type of sound called magmatic, which is not classifiable by the rational mind. This helps the person to get out of logical reasoning, to access the creative mind and bring out their inner resources. This activates processes of transformation and self-healing and countless benefits on body and mind.

Below you can listen to an audio composed and arranged with ffrequencies, melodies and harmonies that lead you to deep relaxation and to contact that inner well-being this is the condition necessary to remove some old energies that often block you and hinder your evolutionary process and personal growth.

Healing Sleep Music, Binaural Beats, Delta Waves

The power of self-produced sound

In addition to instruments such as the gong and Tibetan bells, sound therapy can be practiced with the voice. An easy exercise is to emit vowels, those that come spontaneously, alternating lower sounds and more acute sounds. A very interesting aspect of the vocal sound that the research cymatics  (to learn more about what the climate is click here ) made visible is that every time sound encounters a membrane, a pattern is imprinted on the membrane surface.

Therefore, when we sing it is actually as if we are communicating with our cells and not just our cells but those of everyone in close proximity to us. In fact, the human voice has the power to promote healing in ourselves and others and transform thoughts and feelings into words and sounds to inspire others.

In my opinion, as well as those of many other masters of sound, vowels can be considered one of the primordial sounds of manifestation. And they are considered sacred in many traditions. However, since they are found in every language on the planet, it is impossible to link them to any tradition. The vocal sounds are therefore, I dare say, the most effective method to generate resonance in our etheric and physical body and thus enter into resonance with the energy centers  b>and clear your chakras. 

If you want to know more about the practices to rebalance the chakras you can read an article in which I talk about it in depth HERE

In sound therapy sessions but also in meditation practices,   a very simple technique to reduce chronic stress b>, which gives significant benefits to the body and mind is Canticchiando. In practice, with closed lips a sound is produced which internally transmits harmonic vibrations capable of relaxing the diaphragm and relieving tension. And even, as demonstrated by the pathologist Karel Jindrak, the vibrations of the buzz reach the brain, exercising a sort of massage that helps eliminate metabolic waste, accelerating the renewal of the cerebrospinal fluid. Result: You empty your mind and feel pervaded by a sense of deep calm.

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stress e suonoterapia

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