Music therapy, Mindfulness
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A space to regenerate your being

“To the mind that is still, the whole universe surrenders”

Lao Tzu

Music therapy, Mindfulness, Vibroacoustics and Creative Sciences to pay attention to the present moment and to one’s psychophysical well-being

Our Space

Qui e Ora

A place conceived and created to host group and individual sessions. Different environments used to ensure the best user experience



The possibility of intervening with customized programs on site (meditation and music therapy courses in Nardò, Lecce and online mindfulness meditation courses) in Lecce and targeted to act specifically on the aspects required based on individual needs

The contents


Many activities can be carried out in groups in order to develop and implement the dynamics that govern interpersonal interaction with different objectives

About us


Teaching Area

I have accumulated experience with a wide spectrum of users (from childhood to adolescence) proposing activities with educational purposes that through the creative medium aim to promote emotional intelligence by helping the identification, naming of feelings and impulse control.

The skills acquired allow me to create individual and group paths that aim to improve serenity and confidence, increase attention to the present, decrease stress levels, develop listening skills, improve relationships with others and improve quality of life.

Thousands of hours of experience in RSSA and Day Centers allow me to structure Music Therapy sessions together with complementary creative techniques for users of all ages (who manifest disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Autism, Schizophrenia and other behavioral deficits) to facilitate their integration intra and interpersonal and consequentially to help them improve the quality of life thanks to a preventive, rehabilitative or therapeutic process.


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We started a mindfulness journey for my 8 year old son with Simone. I can only thank him for the delicacy, the great empathic capacity and the professionalism with which he led the path of emotional awareness and growth of my son. We gradually observed in him a growing ability to pay attention to one’s moods and to verbalize them! Thanks to the audio and bibliographic material, we too, as parents, were able to deepen the themes developed during the course. A great job of cultivating an inner dimension from childhood.

Mahta Shariat

I took part in an online music therapy course organized by simone gatto. In addition to being excited at each session, I rediscovered some talents that I had forgotten I had because I was often withdrawn from myself due to the adversities of life.

Maria Elena Grimaldi

Thanks Simone for this fantastic journey into the world of mediation; you managed to make it simple and pleasant and you gave me essential tools for life. A heartfelt thanks from the most skeptical of your customers Miriana

Miriana Simonetti

Fantastic course … highly recommended for those who want to learn to live in a peaceful and quiet way with a super exceptional guide! It was truly a wonderful journey! Thanks again Simone!

Enrico Quasso

I met Simone in a stressful period of my life and I never thought that his Here and Now method could help me so much to regain my balance and the joy of living. As I always say to those who ask me ‘I can’t explain it to you in words, you have to try it!’ Thanks Simone!

Mariangela Bruno

Cymatic Therapy



If you are looking for a natural approach to reduce stress and chronic pain or want to take a preventative approach to maintain your health by strengthening your immune system, our protocol with AMI750 ™ technology is the one for you.
Our Programs
  • Individual and group music therapy
  • Vibroacoustics
  • Sound group bath
  • Mindfulness meditation / conscious listening


The Harmony of Life

In nature, harmony regulates the balance of life at all levels, it is important to be at peace with oneself and the world around us

Inner peace

Reach a level of inner peace that will allow you to better cope with everyday life



Live interpersonal relationships to the fullest in order to improve the quality of your existence and that of those around you


Listen to nature and follow its teachings to restore a correct vital rhythm that will allow you to better face the challenges that society poses to us

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