Cymatic Therapy

Vibrations to Harmonize your Body

The Cyma Therapy

Cymatic Therapy is based on the principle that every cell in the body, of which there are believed to be millions, is controlled by an electromagnetic field.

Experiments conducted to date have clearly shown that cells and intracellular elements are able to vibrate dynamically with complex harmonics, whose resonance frequency can be measured and analysed quantitatively using a mathematical formula.

Each cell then resonates at its own particular frequency. When we are well, this frequency is constant and constant; but any disease or dysfunction upsets the harmony of the whole body and the affected area, generating an aberrant resonance. In our study, Cimatic Therapy is provided using AMI750 (an FDA registered instrument as a class one device) to generate frequencies identical to those of healthy cells thus supporting the healing process and restoring the body to health and harmony.

Cyma Therapy is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease, but is a non-invasive sound therapy that helps clients improve their daily lives by reducing stress, pain and strengthening the immune system. Whether you are looking for a natural approach to reducing stress and chronic pain or you also want to take a preventive approach to maintaining your health, our AMI750 protocol is for you!



How Does It Work

We offer packages of 8 sessions per month (twice a week) or packages of 3 weekly sessions ranging from thirty minutes to one hour depending on the client’s health and lifestyle. After an accurate anamnesis phase, the client is prepared each time to receive the treatment with breathing and concentration exercises to achieve an optimal state of relaxation.

Benefits reported

from customers

deep relaxation

chronic pain decreased

decrease of anxiety and sense of calm in everyday life

better blood circulation

increased energy levels and responsiveness

improved stress management

much improved sleep quality

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