Music as Universal Language

The Music Therapy

Music therapy aims to develop the potential and/or residual resources of the individual in order to promote intra- and interpersonal integration and improve the quality of life.

With the term Music Therapy, we indicate a creative and relational process in support of the user or group aimed at achieving, improving, maintaining or re-establishing a condition of well-being through the use of the sound-musical element (sound, rhythm, melody and harmony) and the relationships that develop through it.

According to the Technical Standard UNI 11592, Professionals trained in Music Therapy can also work in a team in the preventive, rehabilitative and therapeutic context, as they allow the transformation, evolution and personal growth, promoting creativity, communication skills, relational and empowerment of the individual. They also encourage the knowledge of oneself and one’s own potential, making it possible to integrate all the resources available to achieve a stable condition of well-being and a good level of quality of life.


Music Therapy And Integrated Arts Therapies

Group paths aimed at stimulating emotional education through the languages of creativity developed in practical workshops where, through sound, graphic traits and movement, a strengthening of expressive and relational skills is promoted. The Arti Terapie are based on the pivotal principle of the rediscovery of creativity as a medium for the shaping of emotions. Emotions, whose understanding is the key to personal well-being, happiness and rewarding relationships with others. Knowing oneself, the personal ways of being in the world, understanding the emotions that, through the body, intervene in the relationship and communication with others, on the other hand, facilitates access to empathic understanding.

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